Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Walking and the feelings that I have

Again a long time since I last posted

I love to take walks for many reasons, I always see it as a way to run away from my problems that could never be solved very easily. Walk across the street and pass house that stand, and I as I move to the park, I will go the baseball benches and sit for a little while, then I walk again and wonder around. I always look at the sky too, that's something everyone does I know, but when I look to it would sometimes put my hand towards it as if I was trying to reach something there, to grab it, to take it with me, but I never to get it, when the moon is out in the day I would enclosed my hand around it too, but I would not be able to get that as well. I wish I could run away forever and enjoy the wind against my face. I love to walk, and the path is always in front of me, and will try reach the end.

Mood: Hopeful but sad
Music: Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna
Phrase of the day: "...As long as you never give up; there will as be hope, so I'm sure fate can be changed"
Madoka Narumi from Spiral: The Bond of Reasoning

"I'm sure it can Madoka , I'm sure it can."

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