Sunday, March 25, 2012

Manga Review: Yu-Gi-Oh GX Vol. 1 Ch. 1 “A New Hero”

Reviewer: Dollow Rlance

Duel Academy
In the Southern Sea is an island where the school known as Duel Academy resides, a place where the next generation of Duelist; study to be the best in the game of Duel Monsters. The students are divided into three different ranks, Obelisk Blue for the elites, Ra Yellow for the students with potential, and at the bottom are the Silfer Reds; who are less likely to succeed and more likely to be expelled.

Jaden attacks with Bubbleman
Jaden Yuki is attacking a Ra Yellow student with Bubbleman for a win; as Syrus Truesdale cheers for him. Jaden is laying down on his back in the school courtyard, until Alexis Rhodes comes to say hello to him and he looks up at her and greets her, she says he is normally not alone and asks where Syrus is and Jaden tells her he is dueling a new trainee teacher. Alexis remembers that the trainee teacher is named Mr. Ryuga and mentions she heard a bad rumor about him, with Jaden’s attention she tells him that Mr. Ryuga is trying to finish the final test to become a full time teacher of the academy; by winning against 50 different students, Jaden asks was Syrus pick as one of the students, and Alexis says that Mr. Ryuga is on a 45-game winning streak, Jaden wonders what is wrong as he sounds like a good duelist, and she tells him that she has heard; that Ryuga takes cards from the decks of the duelists who lose to him afterward. Jaden is then shocked, and remembers hearing something about a student who had to skip class; because he did not have his cards, Jaden then dismisses; it saying that it’s only a rumor. Syrus is being attacked by Ryuga’s Cyber Dinosaur during the duel for Ryuga’s teacher entry, and Syrus wonders why his duel disk is not activating his spell cards; while it still responds to his monster and traps cards. Later Syrus is walking down a hallway when Jaden finds him slaps his back and asks how the duel went; and he gets worry when Syrus falls down and does not respond, Syrus looks up at Jaden crying and says that Ryuga stole his cards. 
Jaden's POV of Alexis

Mr. Ryuga is having a meeting with Doctor Vellian Crowler, who says he is impressed by Ryuga 49 winning streak, Ryuga asks he that only needs another to become a teacher for next year, Dr. Crowler confirms and responds; that academy teachers should not have trouble completing the entry test.  Ryuga smiles and thinks to himself, that once he becomes a Duel Academy teacher; Dr. Crowler will be history and he will rise in the academy ranks, where his voice will be taken seriously finally, and his students who studied under him will spread across the world and he will control the dueling world, so he will do anything to make that happen, even if he has to take orders for a while.

Jaden questioning Mr. Ryuga

Realizing the rumor about Ryuga stealing cards is true, Jaden furiously marches towards Dr. Crowler’s office aimed on getting back all the cards that Ryuga has stolen, while not listening to Syrus; who is trying to convince him not to confront Ryuga, but Jaden just says he did not care and Ryuga doesn't deserve to be a duelist. Finding Ryuga just coming out of Crowler’s office, Jaden moves right in front of him and demands that Syrus’ cards be return to his friend, Ryuga wonders who Jaden is before Jaden introduces himself. Ryuga is intrigue that this was the famous Silfer Red, as Jaden continues to angrily question Ryuga what gives him the right to steal cards from students at the school, Ryuga just says that he a is a card collector and Syrus had cards he wanted and claims that Syrus gave them to him, and then asks Jaden if he has any cards to give to him. Jaden tells him that the cards of a duelist are their soul, and asks Ryuga that does he honestly believe he is just going to hand over his deck for which he says is his soul. Ryuga tells them they are going to want to stay on his good side, and by handing over their cards, their grades are guaranteed once he becomes a teacher next year, and that the cards would be happier with him rather than with a bunch of Silfers. Jaden coldly tells Ryuga he refuses to see him as a duelist and that he is a disgrace, annoyed, Ryuga stares down at Jaden and says once he becomes a teacher Jaden is going right to the top of his expulsion list, but Jaden retorts back that Ryuga is not a teacher yet, Ryuga counters saying he may as well be one for he needs only one more win.