Saturday, June 30, 2018

Yugioh and my stories in competitive tournaments.

I am getting that feeling again like I did in 2006 and again in 2008 and 2009; where I am asking myself if I still like playing Yugioh. Tonight, was an awful night, I know that it is me and not my deck.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Anime Conventions

I will be up front on convention for anime and comic books, I really don't like going to conventions really all that much. It's not really one of those cases of the fans are very annoying, it is just huge pain in the butt. I remember when I went to Anime Expo 2009, it was very fun but the one thing that always remember (Besides the cosplayers) is the pain that was all across my legs, arms and neck, and I get that same pain every year, one time this past year I got very sick because of being so tired and the pain put me out of commission for two days.

Anime conventions can be fun, but never like going to more than one than a year, it's annoying to me and as much as I like anime, my fandom only goes so far and really one is really all I need. I am not a cosplayer, I am not a voice actor, I am not even a panel host or anything, I am just someone who likes going to Anime Expo for one day and that is it.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

August Feelings

It is August again and with it comes the smell of "New Air", or just the felling of cooler days.

August tends to be a very nice month for me as I like to take more walks and do more cleaning outside and the feeling that there is something different on the horizon feels nice.

August to me is the month of change, more so than any other month in the year or anything, I wish that the feeling I get from this month could last the whole year. but it never does, and it lasts from the beginning of the August to the middle of September, when we start to move to fall, which never really feels or smells as good as August here in California, which I guess might sound weird coming from someone who lived in California their whole life.

August is a month that I feel something very nice, not too hot, cool air, and light winds to help clear the skies for a wonderful feeling inside.

Mood: Chipper
Music: Erik Satie - Gymnopedie No. 1 (8-Bit Style)
Phrase of the day: "Who Dares,Wins" The Motto of the British Special Air Service

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Project Vita: Part 2 – PlayStation Vita Games and Users

Project Vita: Part 2 – PlayStation Vita Games and Users

It has been over one year since Sony’s new handheld, the PlayStation Vita, was release on February 22, 2012 to the gaming market, and since then has been met with both good and bad reviews. After all the time that PSVita has been on the market, I have seen many gamers and critics giving the system the “Cold Shoulder” and many criticisms, both warranted and unwarranted. As a PSVita owner, who got the system within the first year of its release in the North America market, I was happy with the system before I even booted it up with my first game. The post that follows here is about the games that I have for my PSVita, the fun have with them, a look at how they are on PSVita, which will include feedback from other PSVita owners too about their consoles.

This is "Project Vita",

Part 1 - The PlayStation Vita Plan

Games are the heart of every console, either it be an old game from the 5th generation of home consoles, or a new game that was made today, every gamer wants games to play on their chosen console. So with the PSVita, the importance games are no different than other consoles, however, what those games are able to do, and make the PSVita unique to play.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Facebook, Fans & VA Requests

I will say this about Facebook, it makes my job for, gundamn and CTCast a lot easier, but I am a very private person by nature, so when people ask for requests from me and I don't respond, it is because I am not comfortable sharing information anymore.

Since I started working for Gundamn in October of 2012, I made it my mission to do the best I can, and since I know I am the guy behind the veil, I would be able to work silently.

I guess what I am getting at is, when I joined Facebook I was trying to get out of my comfort zone, but this stuff never worked for me, and the only reason I really ever Facebook is for, Gundamn and CTCast work because that is very imporant to me.

I got a lot of requests from fans of Gundamn and CTCast for VAs and actors they want to see on the shows, which I understand, I mean everyone wants to hear who they want.

But Please understand this, this stuff really is not easy for me or anyone as I have to time things out, between VAs and the shows, and getting them to yes takes time from weeks to months. So when you say nasty things to me that I am not requesting the right people, please note that does not make anyone feel good, let alone me. So Please, I ask you to please stop sending requests to me about which VAs or actors you want to hear, as I am trying to get the best in the business, and if I do not say thing about it, I have good reasons for it.

Thank you,

Sincerely Yours,

Dollow Rlance