Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My 3DS feelings - The long story of the truth

The model 1 3DS

I was walking around the idea of getting a 3DS for the longest time, and recently I was given a 2DS from a friend of mine for Christmas, it was nice and its good to have a 2DS that can play 3DS games, at this moment I only have Pokemon X for the thing, I have so many mixed feelings on the 3DS, I think I just need to say what they are, even if they don't make any sense to anyone, but that's okay, because this is the real me, and I have not said everything because there is never a lot of time, and I tend to keep things to myself, but I have to say what feel.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Anime Conventions

I will be up front on convention for anime and comic books, I really don't like going to conventions really all that much. It's not really one of those cases of the fans are very annoying, it is just huge pain in the butt. I remember when I went to Anime Expo 2009, it was very fun but the one thing that always remember (Besides the cosplayers) is the pain that was all across my legs, arms and neck, and I get that same pain every year, one time this past year I got very sick because of being so tired and the pain put me out of commission for two days.

Anime conventions can be fun, but never like going to more than one than a year, it's annoying to me and as much as I like anime, my fandom only goes so far and really one is really all I need. I am not a cosplayer, I am not a voice actor, I am not even a panel host or anything, I am just someone who likes going to Anime Expo for one day and that is it.