Saturday, August 10, 2013

August Feelings

It is August again and with it comes the smell of "New Air", or just the felling of cooler days.

August tends to be a very nice month for me as I like to take more walks and do more cleaning outside and the feeling that there is something different on the horizon feels nice.

August to me is the month of change, more so than any other month in the year or anything, I wish that the feeling I get from this month could last the whole year. but it never does, and it lasts from the beginning of the August to the middle of September, when we start to move to fall, which never really feels or smells as good as August here in California, which I guess might sound weird coming from someone who lived in California their whole life.

August is a month that I feel something very nice, not too hot, cool air, and light winds to help clear the skies for a wonderful feeling inside.

Mood: Chipper
Music: Erik Satie - Gymnopedie No. 1 (8-Bit Style)
Phrase of the day: "Who Dares,Wins" The Motto of the British Special Air Service

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