Sunday, May 6, 2012

Solar Radio Wave The Second Flare Podcast

After almost two years, I am going to do podcasting again, by bring back Solar Radio Wave for a second season, with my friend Sam again co-hosting . The first two episodes were pretty good, the only problem is finding a site put the MP3 files, as Mevio doesn't host podcast feeds anymore, and Megaupload now gone with other Cloud base host sites in the air. The best answer I have is to host the podcast eps on my YouTube channel, but I still need to find a cloud site for the MP3 files. I guess that will come later, at this point I need to do more eps. The season will only be a ten episode show, I am not going to do more than that.

First ep was about the Haruhi Movie and the second was with my friends on on our top 5 RPGs, and some stuff came out of that. I don't know if I will upload the older Solar Radio Wave, but when I find a cloud site I might.

I hope to just get the next one done soon, the making YouTube Videos for the sound sends the time to make a podcast way up, got to find a better way.

Either way I am back as a podcaster.

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