Thursday, May 24, 2012

Flare 4 Shipping Ideas

Here is Episode 4 of the Solar Radio Wave The Second Flare, Flare 4 Shipping Ideas. This was a fun one to do as it was about shipping, and I never thought I would do a podcast about shipping, it was one thing I always try to avoid in the old podcast. With Ceschiii and Melissa as special guests for the show it was nice to work with them, Melissa sadly had to leave early in our podcast, that was a loss, but overall I like how this podcast came out. Thank you to Sam who helped with the outline.

Description: Discussion of Shipping in Video Games and Anime, Guest Hosts Ceschiii (Francesca) and Melissa (Fataleflare). Do you need to know anything more than that? Recorded on Sat. May 19, 2012

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Flare 4 Shipping Ideas

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