Monday, September 26, 2011

Amazon and Shipping

Amazon and Shipping

I just bought a book from Amazon, and the thing was bad in terms of how it looked. What I got was the
Valkyria Chronicles: Design Archive, it is basically an artbook with commentary on how the game was made and the look of the game itself, I got this because I was really happy to get Valkyria Chronicles as my very first PS3 game, so much that I refused to own any other game before it; including Uncharted, and I wanted the book to find out how the game was made. 

So when it finally came to my home, I was so excited that I took great care in opening it, but when I did as happy as I was to have it, was also equally as disappointed to find that the book damaged. The book was bent; the front cover in the upper right corner was bent as well as a few pages, and scratches along the spine on the back, overall the book the feels like it was very roughly treated in its life. I flipped over the book and it was very nice, the content look awesome and a fun to read, but because the book as a whole was bent up, it was hard to enjoy, for being a new copy you think Amazon treat their books with better care. 

I don’t often buy stuff for myself, so I don’t know if I am being very ungrateful or something, or if I have a right to complain about it. If it wasn’t so bent I could deal with it but… eh. I have never return something online let alone to Amazon, but for some reason I think this is going to be a major pain. I just want a nice new  undamaged book.


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