Friday, June 1, 2012

TSF: Dawn 2 Pre E3 2012

This was a funny one to work on, if only because this has a very short turn around time. Working with Chloe and Colin from, was a fun and weird feeling as when I started this podcast, I had no idea that I would be doing a E3 podcast with them, how far have I come since Flare 1. I used the song called "Nameless Heroes" from Valkyria Chronicles 3, because I wanted something really epic to bring us in, hope was what I was going for. I was really nervous going into this podcast, until we did the podcast and I got in character and I was my podcast self. I really hope this came out well for everyone, I did work really hard on this podcast.

Description: Leading up to E3 2012, Dollow, Guest Hosts Chloe and Colin of talk Pre E3 stuff, and form ideas on what could, or could not happen at E3 2012. Recorded on Fri. June 01 2012

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Dawn 2 Pre E3 2012

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