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My 3DS feelings - The long story of the truth

The model 1 3DS

I was walking around the idea of getting a 3DS for the longest time, and recently I was given a 2DS from a friend of mine for Christmas, it was nice and its good to have a 2DS that can play 3DS games, at this moment I only have Pokemon X for the thing, I have so many mixed feelings on the 3DS, I think I just need to say what they are, even if they don't make any sense to anyone, but that's okay, because this is the real me, and I have not said everything because there is never a lot of time, and I tend to keep things to myself, but I have to say what feel.

I guess will start at beginning which is the DS, when I got the DS it was around the time of DS shortages, I just took the pink DS as I was going to get Pokemon Pearl so I wanted both to match each other. I knew a lot of guys that played not only Pokemon, but also played Yu-Gi-Oh too as well, so it wasn't hard to find others to play with in battles. But my main thing was collecting every Pokemon in the game, I had done that for Pokemon Blue, Red, Gold & Silver when those games came out (A fact that I am very proud of), so doing the same thing for Pokemon Pearl seemed like the way to go. As I spend more time with my DS I got Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Luminous Arc, Kirby All-Stars, and Zelda Phantom Hourglass to play with, I had some fun with them but I would be remiss if I didn't said they were not very memorable experiences, not even Kingdom Hearts which I was a devoted fan of at the time, the games I had were not that interesting to me, and other games were just downright boring to me, which sums up my experience with the DS, very fun at the time but just boring, and to be honest I was a little bitter; and felt burned by the DS. They were fun at first, but were just forgettable to me. (Side note, I still have my DS but I only play Advance Wars 2 on it, and I am trying to complete Luminous Arc 2)

On the 3DS which is where my feelings are a bit more complex and mixed, I was looking forward to getting a 3DS when it was said that the 3DS was going to have a full remake of Zelda the Ocarina of Time which was and still is my favorite Zelda game to this day, and at one point I won a 3DS out of those "impossible to win" claw machines, which I was happy and I got a copy of Ocarina. What followed after that was disappointment since it was the problem that I had with every port of Ocarina of Time, I hated the Ocarina controls which I was expecting the the touch screen to help with the Ocarina buttons, but looking back, I am not that surprise as the only good way to play Ocarina is on the original N64 with the crazy N64 controller, it might be a personally thing but Ocarina time always felt better on N64. Sadly I did not have that 3DS for very long, after only week of winning it I dropped it and the 3D screen broke and stopped working, since I had won it, I didn't really feel too bad as I only spent $5 USD winning it, I tossed the thing in the trash after I could not find a good cheap way to fix it, and I sold my copy of Ocarina of Time 3D since I didn't like it and I needed the money at the time.

Time went on and 3DS became bigger and bigger in the sells, and I had changed a lot since I had that 3DS, for one the way I buy games, which was buying digital games which another set consoles had convince me wasn't such a bad thing; at least for older games that were 15 or 20 years old, or games that normally would not be released to the North America market because of high costs. From other consoles I learned to be responsible when managing my user accounts on digital store fronts, and it was a little disconcerting to learn that Nintendo's eShop did not support any type of user accounts and tied the content to console, and from what I have been told it is possible recover your content for your 3DS and Wii U too, but it is much difficult and requires having to call customer support, this was something I just heard from my friend, who has been buying content for awhile on the Nintendo eShop, at this point I find that it would be easier to just write off the eShop until a better system is in place, there are games I would like to play on there, as I have never own a SNES, but its not worth it to me, too much trouble for me to deal with, so I choose to not deal with it, as an adult I do not have that luxury.

Fire Emblem Awakening 3DS Bundle
When Fire Emblem Awakening came out I really wanted the game, I know that a bundle came out the same time, I really wanted that too, but at the time of the release of that game and that bundle, I had already gotten another handheld console, wasn't really in the mood to drop a lot of money on a new console when I had to buy content for my other console. To be really honest, part of me regrets not buying that bundle when I had the chance, but on the other hand I just didn't have the money at the time either, if it was coming out today, I would be able to buy it and would want to buy it as it was a model 1 3DS (Don't really see the appeal of the 3DS XL), but then if it was coming out today it would be a 3DS XL so I guess I would have been stuck either way. The other thing that stopped me was my logical side, these days I have this rule where I need to have 5 games at the time of buying a new console, it also stems from the fact that was burned by the DS, so having 5 reasons on top of having 5 games on the market I want to play help me in buying the other console, which is a policy that has done right by me many times, and even now there is only a few games on 3DS that I want to play, even now that part of me still speaks to me and tells me that I made the right choice. I am most mixed on this one, I will just live with it, it's okay I guess as you can never have everything in life, no matter how much you want it.
The 2DS and Pokemon X copy gifted to me

Recently a really good friend of mine gave me a 2DS for Christmas, which I have thanked him for, to be very honest I really don't like the look of the 2DS, I understand why Nintendo made the console in the first place which was to have a very low cost console that could play 3DS games that parents could buy for their children to play, most likely Pokemon as that target game. So with that in mind I never liked the design, but I understood why it exists and the plan, that didn't make me like it anymore than I did which was not at all, but I do value my 2DS as it came from my friend, he even told me that he was going to buy me a 2DS which I told him to not do it and to save his money, a fact that I believed he took me seriously on at the time, we talk about it all the time and we laugh about it too. It sits in my drawer near me and someday I will play it, it does bring a smile to my face because I know my friend was thinking about me, he even called me "Dollow" when he gave it to me.

The game my friend gave me at the same time he gave me a 2DS was Pokemon X, which is above everything else was the biggest joke my friend has ever played on me, he knew for a fact that I will never play another Pokemon, even now I laugh at the joke. To explain, I had played Pokemon Blue, Red, Gold, Silver, Pearl and Platinum, and by Pokemon Gen 4 (Diamond, Pearl & Platinum) I had the whole collection of every single Pokemon in that generation; which was not easy as I had to start from the beginning again and had to find forums with people will to trade me the Pokemon I needed. I now realize that some of them most likely gave me Pokemon they created and were not the "Real Deal", but that wasn't the point, I wanted the complete list of Pokemon, but when I got the complete Pokemon list, I was done with the game and took a break from the game, and in the long run I was done. When Pokemon X & Y were shown off, I thought about if I should get the new Pokemon games, at which point my answer was no, my reasoning was that I did not find Pokemon appealing anymore as a game, I wasn't looking forward to training Pokemon, breeding them, trying to get the right stats, battling Pokemon against someone else with R.N.G. (Random Number Generator) as a factor sometimes, I don't care for doing that anymore and I don't find that fun, I like RPGs but Pokemon was a world that I was tired of. So when my friend gave me Pokemon X, I thought it was one of the funniest gifts I was given, when I told him that had not opened the 2DS, he was little shocked that I had not opened it to try out Project X Zone (Which I had got to sell later on at I believe it is going to become a very rare game in the future), and then I realized he forgot that I told him I had lost that game a long time ago, along with my copies of Xenoblade as well, a fact that I am not happy about and I have still not found those games. I still have that copy of Pokemon X right now, but I will not play it as I am not interested play Pokemon again, and for now it will sit around as I will give it away because it was a new copy given to me by my friend. At the very least, it's still makes for a funny joke gift.

As of right now with the 2DS, I have not opened it to play it and don't know when I will, I know I will someday but right now my heart is not in it, it might to do with the fact I do not have any games I want to play on it, but I will at least buy one in the future, and play it, I just hope my experience is better than it was with the DS.

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