Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Project Vita: User Feedback Submissions for Part 2

Project Vita: User Feedback Submissions for Part 2

To all PSVita users,

For Part 2 of my Project Vita, I wanted to add feedback from gamers that have the PSVita and so that I have others talking about their PSVita and the games they play.

The format for your thoughts is as follows below. Please do not use more than 200 words on any given topic.

Name (Real name or just User name)
Example: Dollow Rlance

Contact Links -Twitter, Facebook or personal websites (If you want to share, this part is optional)
Example: Twitter: @DollowR, My Site: Dollowrlance.blogspot.com, Gundamn.net

1. Your personal overall feelings about the PSVita as a console what features you like about it.
Example: I love the system, all the stuff I can do on the PSVita is great and the fact I can watch movies on it too is awesome, plus I like how it's region free for my import games. Etc.

2. The reason(s) you got your PSVita at the time you got it.
Example:  I got the console for the Assassin’s Creed 3 game and Persona 4, plus since I have Netflix I want to watch my movies on the go as well. Etc.

3. What do you do with your PSVita on a daily bases.
Example:  I play Persona 4 Golden lot on it, but when I am not playing games on it I do watch a lot of movies on it from both Netflix and the PSN. I also like to check my favorites on Twitter every so often when they tweet something too.

4. Games you own for the console
Example: Persona 4 Golden, Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation, Project Diva f, WipEout 2048 ETC.

5. One Game Recommendation
Example: I think everyone should play Persona 4 Golden; it is so funny and wacky that even gamers who do not play RPGs would like it. ETC.

6. What you want most for the PSVita.
(What type of games, services, or features you want for it)
Example: I want more RPGs on the PSVita, and I would like to see a Jak & Dexter game on it too, also Hulu Plus and Photobucket App as well.

7. List up to 5 things on both Pros and Cons that you have with the PSVita.
(No more than 5 on either Pro or Cons, but you do not need to list a total of 5)
1. I love the games on the PSVita
2. PS Plus is so awesome on the PS Vita
3. Taking pictures of the game is a nice feature
4. So good I don’t feel like I need an iPad

1. I hate how expensive the memory cards are, wish they were cheaper
2. There is no cable or something to connect to so I can do Let’s Plays
3. There are not a lot of apps for PSVita
4. Not a whole lot of RPGs I like

And as something extra, if you have played the games Gravity Rush, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, or Persona 4 Golden, you can add to your submission, overall comments about those games that total no more than 200 words, and I will pick the best two to be put into the project for each game that I mention.

After you are done with everything, you must send your submission to the email below with the subject of “Project Vita - User Feedback Submission”


The Deadline for submissions is April 9th on Tuesday at 12:00 PM PST.

Thank you for reading

Sincerely Yours,

Dollow Rlance
Twitter @DollowR

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